Reg 126 in Victoria

We offer peer or independent reviews, constructability reviews and value engineering on projects designed by other engineers nationally.

We are Chartered Professional Engineers CPEng, Registered Professional Engineer Queensland RPEQ and registered under Business Licensing Authority (BLA) in Victoria as Licensed Professional Engineer, which in accordance to The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019, qualified to review and issue Reg 126 Certificate Of Compliance.

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Reg 126 - Certificate of Compliance

We carry out independent engineering review for various projects, including:
- House restumping
- Underpinning
- House reblocking
- Office Fit Out
- Restaurant Fit Out
- Medical Centre Fit Out
- Hospital Fit Out
- Dentist Fit Out
- School Fit Out
- Resin Injection
- Foundation rectification
- Seismic Ceiling
- Seismic Restraints for services
- Light-gauge steel framing design