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Architectural Specification

We understand that creating the perfect interior space requires meticulous attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of materials, functionality, and aesthetics. With our expertise, we aim to streamline the process, ensuring that your interior linings are thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated into your overall architectural vision, including a detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials, fire, acoustic, thermal performance etc.

Our team meticulously selects suitable materials, considering their compatibility with other building components and compliance with relevant Australian Standards, NCC and Building regulations.

Architectural Specification
Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Value engineering is used to solve problems and identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function, quality and performances. Our aim is to increase the value of systems, satisfying the systems' performance requirements at the most feasible costs. This involves considering the availability of materials, construction methods, logistics issues, site limitations, rationalisation of materials, costs, profits, and so on. Benefits that can be delivered include a reduction in life cycle costs, improvement in quality, reduction of environmental impacts, and so on.

Value engineering involves:
- Identifying the main elements of a product, service or project.
- Analysing the functions of those elements.
- Developing alternative solutions for delivering those functions.
- Assessing the alternative solutions.
- Allocating costs to the alternative solutions.
- Developing in more detail the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success.

Seismic Wall Design

Our wall type schedule populates dozens or hundreds of wall types presenting them in multi-page PDF document. The report is simple, easy-to-understand and ready to be used in your project meetings or sent for construction on the building site.

All important construction information are included in the report, as follow.
- architectural wall type code
- manufacturer's system reference code
- assembly description
- wall width
- steel sizes, stud spacing, BMT, nogging requirements
- max wall height
- fire rating FRL
- sound rating Rw; Rw+Ctr
- thermal R-Value
- AS1530.4:2014 test report number
- acoustic test report numbers

Wall Type Schedule
Non-Structural Seismic Design

Non-Structural Seismic Design

Seismic engineering (or ‘earthquake engineering’) is the field that deals with strengthening buildings and making them more resistant to earthquakes, seismic shifts, and other similar incidents. Earthquakes are massively damaging events that can cause loss of both life and property, making it of utmost importance to have seismic engineers involved in your building’s construction. Our specialists are experienced in seismic and civil engineering, structural dynamics and earthquake strengthening, creating buildings that are sturdy, long-lasting and resistant to seismic shifts. We thrive on the management of a project from start to finish, but our team can also act as engineering consultants on existing projects.

- Design and Construction Review for suspended ceilings- grid and tile, plasterboard ceilings
- Experienced in AS 1170.4.
- Compliance with Australian National Construction Code.

- Design and Construction Review for non-structural partition walls - full height and partial height, steel, timber frame plasterboard systems
- Highly experienced in producing designs to meet AS 1170.2, AS 4600.

Compliance Technical Review

We understand the critical role that engineering plays in the success of any project, and our service aims to ensure that engineering designs, calculations, and plans are thoroughly reviewed and optimized for efficiency, safety, and compliance.

Our team Licensed Chartered Professional Engineers specializes in conducting comprehensive peer reviews across various disciplines, including civil, structural, non-structural, seismic, fire engineering. Whether you are a developer, architect, contractor, or building surveyors, our service is designed to provide you with an unbiased assessment of engineering documentation and recommendations for improvement.

Compliance Technical Review
Design, Drawing, Detailing

Design, Drawing, Detailing

We specialize in creating accurate and detailed drawings across various engineering disciplines. Our team of skilled professionals translates your design concepts into clear and comprehensive documentation, ensuring effective communication with contractors and stakeholders.

With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to Australian Standards andNCC, we provide precise drawings that facilitate seamless collaboration and enhance construction efficiency. Trust us to deliver high-quality engineering drawings that contribute to the success of your project.

Imported Product Compliance

This is where innovation meets regulatory requirements. We specialize in assisting businesses with research and development initiatives while ensuring that the imported products achieve compliance with relevant Australian Standards and NCC regulations. Our service offers a comprehensive approach to help you navigate the complex landscape of innovation while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance.

R & D, Testing & Complinace
Engineering Review

Engineering Review

We offer peer or independent reviews, constructability reviews and value engineering on projects designed by other engineers nationally.

In Victoria, a Certificate of Compliance is a document that is regulated by the Victorian Building Authority and is referred to as “Regulation 126: Certificate of Compliance – Design”. The Victorian Building Authority administers Victoria’s building legislation system. The document is a statement made by the engineer (us) to the Building Surveyor that all structural design works have been carried out in accordance with the Building Act 1993, the Building Regulations 2018, the National Construction Code and the relevant Australian Standards.​

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