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Clients turn to us because their vision demands a solid foundation. Our team thrives on collaboration, working seamlessly with architects, builders, contractors to ensure every project is safe, functional, and aesthetically stunning. We don't just design structures, we transform ideas into enduring realities. Your project's success is our success, and that's why clients trust us to build the future, one beam at a time.

Our specialist engineering consultancy provides comprehensive services that ensure compliance with the National Construction Code and Australian Standards, offering expert guidance and support in areas such as structural, seismic, fire safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With our knowledge and expertise, we help clients to navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape while delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for their construction projects.

Here are some track record of success, trusted by our clients and stakeholders.

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Building trust, relationships - projects with purpose

We firmly believe that the foundation of successful projects lies in the relationships we build and the trust we cultivate with our clients. Before breaking ground on any project, we prioritize establishing a solid rapport based on clear communication, transparency, and a shared understanding of goals.

Our team values the collaborative process, taking the time to listen, comprehend, and align our vision with that of our clients. By investing in these meaningful relationships upfront, we create an environment where trust flourishes. This trust becomes the cornerstone for effective project development, ensuring that every decision made and every design crafted reflects the client's aspirations and needs. We see our role not only as engineers but partners in transforming visions into reality.

Melbourne based specialist engineering team supporting architects, builders, contractors, manufacturers, engineers and building surveyors across Australia.

Collaborative & Client Focus

We understand that successful projects are built on strong relationships. We foster a collaborative spirit, working closely with clients throughout the entire design and construction process. This ensures clear communication, timely problem-solving, and a final product that exceeds expectations.

Melbourne based specialist engineering team supporting architects, builders, contractors, manufacturers, engineers and building surveyors across Australia.

Fusion of Expertises

We stand out by seamlessly blending multiple disciplines: structural engineering, seismic design, fire, acoustic thermal and Regulation 126 independent review. This unique combination allows us to offer clients a comprehensive service, ensuring structural integrity, earthquake resilience, and project compliance – all from a single trusted partner.

Melbourne based specialist engineering team supporting architects, builders, contractors, manufacturers, engineers and building surveyors across Australia.

Innovation Driven Performance

Over 20 years experience, we are passionate about embracing innovative technology and cutting-edge design methodologies. This translates into optimized structures that are not only robust but also cost-effective and sustainable.

One Stop Shop Solutions
Commitment to Suit Your business

Our commitment ensures project success

Embark on a personalized journey with us, where your aspirations become our shared mission. Join hands for a collaborative, intimate experience, crafting projects that exceed your expectations.

Partner with us for a collaborative journey that transforms visions into remarkable realities, ensuring success at every construction milestone.

3 steps process

Experience simplicity in every project with our streamlined three-step process, ensuring efficiency, clarity, and successful outcomes

  • 1
    Gather Information
  • 2
    Interpret and Analyse Info
  • 3
    Review And Approval
Steps Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Our best customers are the ones that ask questions.  So, along with articles in the blog, here are answers to some common questions.

In Engineering, questions are often specific, and some answers just encouraged more questions.  If that’s the case, please Contact Us, and let’s talk about your specifics.  We’re happy to take a minute.

What is Regulation 126?


In Victoria, a Certificate of Compliance is a document that is regulated by the Victorian Building Authority and is referred to as “Regulation 126: Certificate of Compliance – Design”. The Victorian Building Authority administers Victoria’s building legislation system. The document is a statement made by the engineer (us) to the Building Surveyor that all structural design works have been carried out in accordance with the Building Act 1993, the Building Regulations 2018, the National Construction Code and the relevant Australian Standards.​

When is Reg 126 required?


If a Relevant Building Surveyor does not have the skills to ensure a design is compliant or not, the Relevant Building Surveyor typically arrange for independent checking and certification to be satisfied that compliance is achieved. Therefore, they rely on this design certificate issued under Victoria Building Regulation 126. This allows the Relevant Building Surveyor to rely on the expertise of another building practitioner rather than having to understand and accept the engineering computation themselves. A Reg. 126 certificate removes design responsibility from the Relevant Building Surveyor and places it with the Engineer and the issuer of the Reg. 126 design certificate.

Our Unique Value Proposition


We have an excellent understanding of building architectural concepts and engineering practices which enables us to manage the building systems, performances, specifications and compliances of the project. We think creatively to add value and resolve any engineering problems so that buildings safely meet the Australian Standards and NCC requirement.

Why us?


With over 20+ years within the construction industry, we are Chartered Professional Engineers CPEng, Fellow of Engineers Australia FIEAUST, Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) and registered under Business Licensing Authority (BLA) in Victoria as Licensed Professional Engineer, which in accordance to The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019, qualified to carry out independent engineering review and issue Reg 126 Certificate Of Compliance.

Engineering Blog

Welcome to the blog of ArchiEng, we are a team of passionate engineers dedicated to unveil the secrets of engineering excellence. In this blog, we aim to share our knowledge, insights, and experiences in the field of civil, structural, seismic, fire, acoustic, thermal engineering. Whether you're a fellow engineer, a builder,  an architect, a developer, or simply someone interested in the way things work, we hope you'll find our articles informative and engaging.

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