Why Regulation 126


Why Regulation 126?

In the state of Victoria, Australia, Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance holds significant importance for various building projects. This certificate ensures that buildings adhere to safety and quality standards, guaranteeing the well-being of occupants and the overall integrity of the structure. Let's explore why Victoria requires this certificate and its benefits.

Ensuring Safety and Quality:

Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance is a mandatory requirement in Victoria to ensure that buildings meet the prescribed safety standards set by the authorities. It verifies that the construction work has been carried out in accordance with approved plans and complies with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards. This ensures that the structure is safe for occupants and minimizes the risk of potential hazards.

Building Confidence and Trust:

By requiring the Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance, the Victorian government aims to instill confidence and trust in the construction industry. It demonstrates their commitment to maintaining high standards and delivering quality projects to the community. When property owners, developers, and potential buyers see this certificate, they can have peace of mind knowing that the building has undergone rigorous independent review and complies with all necessary regulations, National Construction Codes and relevant Australian Standards.

Legal Compliance:

Obtaining the Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance is a legal obligation for builders and developers in Victoria. It provides evidence of compliance with the relevant building codes and regulations. Failing to obtain this certificate can result in penalties, legal disputes, and even the suspension of construction activities. By enforcing this requirement, Victoria ensures that all construction projects meet the necessary legal obligations.

Preventing Non-compliant Construction:

Requiring the Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance helps prevent non-compliant construction practices. It encourages builders and developers to follow proper procedures, obtain necessary permits, and engage with qualified professionals who can ensure compliance with the National Construction Codes and relevant Australian standards. This reduces the likelihood of substandard workmanship, structural failures, and potential risks to occupants.


The Regulation 126 Certificate of Compliance plays a vital role in Victoria's construction industry. It serves to guarantee the safety, quality, and legal compliance of buildings, fostering trust among stakeholders and protecting the interests of occupants. By adhering to this requirement, Victoria ensures that construction projects meet the prescribed standards, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and confidence in the built environment.

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