One of the most popular questions we get asked is “what is Hebel”.

Hebel is Autclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) that is a lightweight building material that is formed into blocks and panels for a number of construction purposes. Hebel brings your home into the 21st century by providing a modern and contemporary look to your home. Hebel gives your home a stunning facade, while providing outstanding fire protection, great sound acoustics and the strength of bricks. You can choose to use Hebel for the whole facade or just as a feature like the image above.

“Hebel has been used in Europe for over 70 years and here in New Zealand for around 20 years. Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) an amazingly innovative building material used for walls, facades and floors.

Hebel is 100% manufactured in Australia by CSR Building Products Limited, from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents. Hebel is moulded, cut and steam pressure cured in an autoclave before being formed into steel reinforced panels and blocks for a broad range of load bearing and non load-bearing construction applications” – Hebel

7 Reasons why you should build with Hebel:

  • Faster to install requiring less labour – A 3m Hebel panel is equivalent to 90 bricks so installation is quicker with a lot less mess and wastage.
  • As strong as bricks – panels are all steel reinforced.
  • Fire resistance – Excellent fire resistance makes this product a good choice when building in a high bush fire danger zone.
  • Soundproof for better acoustics – CSR worked closely with sound technicians to ensure that Hebel had superior sound installation. This means that when Hebel is used, your walls and floors are turned in to effective sound barriers.
  • Sustainable for a better world – requires far less raw materials and energy to produce Hebel than other construction products.
  • Thermal efficient living – 4 times the thermal insulation of concrete of the same thickness.
  • Unlimited colours to choose from – choose your colour and your finished texture to suit your taste. Your options are endless!

Available in a number of different products, there is a Hebel solution for your building needs.

For more information about Hebel, go to their website or speak to us on how we can assist in your design.